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About Us

 Founded in 2020 and HQ based out of Tabor 100 in Tukwila Washington. RG Consulting is a consulting firm with over 25 yrs of experience in all aspects of Facilities Management.  Whether it is Management Training or creating RFP's for contracted services. Looking at your work order system or looking at new processes for your team to be successful.  We will get you back to your primary business and train your teams in the facilities processes that are right for your business.  

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 "Deliver information that highlights the value in the execution of Facilities Management offerings in government, education and private corporate entities."


To be the company that understands and teaches best practices, customer service, and employee development in Facilities.  This includes sustainable initiatives and education in short and long-range plans.

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For most people, facilities management is an afterthought. It’s a cost center and a very big one if not managed properly. That’s what makes RG Consulting tools so compelling.

Who We Are

Resourcing Growing  Consulting’s entire premise is built upon simplifying facilities management, and its effect on the organization's cost-effectiveness and staff morale. Making life better by optimizing Facilities Management processes and staffing audits provided by Resourcing Growing Consulting Firm.

What We Do

RGC uses a human-centered approach to gathering information and developing,


reporting and implementing customized solutions in Facilities Management best


practices.  Working with Leadership to provide stability and accountability.

What Is Different About R.G. Consulting Firm

We have a diverse leadership team and cascade of practical experience to help organizations understand the Facilities Management environment, the ability to talk to stakeholders from the breakroom to the boardroom and find common ground to build strong programs and support the bottom line.

Why R.G.Consulting Firm

The difference between making do and making a difference in the lives of your customers and your staff. The holistic approach in promoting ownership of the  facilities processes and offering implementation, and follow up to help teach your teams how to  successfully serve internal and external customers.  

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